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Recent advances in instrumentation, biochemistry and computational tools for single-cell analysis have been widely used but continue to develop rapidly. The TECH DAY online meeting aims to focus on the 'next generation' of tools to study living systems at cellular resolution, it provides a meeting point to every professor, research institute, and company to showcase the latest advances in single-cell technologies across different biological disciplines.

We invite you to join this meeting to discover a mix of action-based technical sessions, product demos and customer stories.

Suggested Topics

  • Microfluidic methods for single cell analysis.
  • Droplet-based microfluidics for single cell-omics.
  • Single cell omics analysis.
  • Single cell proteomics, spatial transcriptomics.

Presenter Benefits

  • Up to 25 minutes speaking including Q&A.
  • Complimentary registration for Event.
  • Full access to all sessions and network with other attendees, speakers and sponsors.

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