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Single-cell technologies are widely used but continue to develop rapidly, the recent advances in microfluidics and combinatorial indexing strategies, combined with low sequencing costs, has empowered single-cell sequencing technology. The TECH DAY online meeting aims to focus on the 'next generation' analysis tools and provides a meeting point to every professor, research institute, and company to showcase the latest advances in single-cell technologies across different biological disciplines.

We invite you to join this meeting to discover a mix of action-based technical sessions, product demos and customer stories.

Suggested Topics

  • Multi-Omics single-cell analysis.
  • Single cell proteomics, spatial transcriptomics.
  • Microfluidic methods for single cell analysis.
  • Case study research, applications and future trends.

Presenter Benefits

  • Up to 25 minutes speaking including Q&A.
  • Full access to all sessions and network with other attendees.
  • Complimentary registration and free guest tickets.
  • Speaker Certificate in digital format.

Is This a Dual Component Meeting?

Yes! As part of our commitment to fostering inclusivity for all of our participants, the 2021-2022 Meeting will have both in-person and virtual components. The in-person component will take place in Berlin, Germany. The virtual component 'TECH DAY' will take place online, and will feel much like the in-person meeting.

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